Here's how we do web design at VTG technology. The complete process is divided into the following steps:

Goal Recognition

The project kicks off with a meeting between you and our team. Here, we sit down with you and discuss your vision of the website and your end goals.

Defining Project Scope

Once we understand your project goals and vision, the team starts working on the project scope. It contains defining the features and web pages that the website requires to meet the objectives. The team also works on determining the timeline to create all these features.

Sitemap And Wireframe

Once the team has a clear picture of the project scope, they will start developing the complete sitemap. They will define the content and features relation as determined in project scoping.

Content Building

With a bigger
picture in hand, the content work for each page begins. While under work, we ensure that each content piece satisfies the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) criteria. Since the next step requires bringing all things together, we emphasize on content development beforehand to ensure streamlined process flow.

Visual Components

Once we have the site architecture and content for few pages in hand, we begin working on visual aspects. Now, this depends on our meeting with each client and how they want things. So, we might have an existing set of visual elements or develop them from scratch.


It's time to start testing how each website element will work. Once the team has all the pages prepared with a clear-cut user display laid out, we start the test work. The testing team will run the website on different devices to ascertain their performance and note what is lacking.


This is the moment that you had been waiting for! Once the testing team passes the website and assures that everything is working, we will plan the website launch. Of course, we cannot do it without the client and their approval, so we will discuss how and when to launch the website.

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