Hello there, here is Tila Rabbani

I was born on November 2nd 1975. My education background is business management,
but I always had my heart set for arts and crafts.
I started painting when I was a student at university and had two successful exhibitions.
I was making hand-crafts for selling & was participating in group shows.
Finally, when I became 22 I got married.
As my ex’s budget was not aligned with my taste for Sofre Aghd, I did it myself and this was the beginning of my dreams in becoming the best in this artistic field. After three years, my dream became true, and I became one of the best in designing Sofre Aghds.
I was achieving success day by day and since my ex was opposed to me working, this became the reason to our split.
Our separation truly changed my career.
I became better, more goal oriented and more successful. In 2008 I got married again and my son was born in 2010.
In 2011 with the motivation of becoming the best florist I went to London and got a certificate from Jane Packer who is one of the most famous florists in the world.
A new chapter in my life began, and I was the first woman who opened a flower school in Iran that teaches wedding design and wedding decoration. I proudly say that I was the first and the best and still am. Since then, my flower workshops have created so many jobs for the women of my country. I almost teach a 100 students per year. Now, I’m so happy about my other dream that is becoming true. I had this dream of having a flowershop, of unlocking its door every morning, and I am sure I can handle it. I’m so satisfied, and most of all, happy when I see my brides and grooms in a random place, from concerts to airplanes, or any of you that are my followers in virtual world who knows my name. My husband always had my back and supported me.
I am an enthusiast of life, and I try to become a better version of myself everyday.
Finally, love yourself first because you are making a difference for your family and in this world.

Client: Tila Flower 

Category: Web development

Start date: 2020

Finish date: 2020




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